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Mount Morris Mural

Historic Site

On your next pass through Mt. Morris be sure to visit the mural! Created by Shawn Dunwoody, a local activist and artist, the Mount Morris mural encompasses the many faces of history in this village. Dunwoody was careful to take input from students and community members, to be sure all stories were told.

Mural by Shawn Dunwoody

Find the faces of Mt. Morris in the mural!

  1. In Iroquios legend women were responsible for crop cultication. The 3 Sister represent corn, beans, and squash; the three mani ncrops in North America

  2. Mary Jemison, "White Woman of the Genesee" was 12 years old and living in Pennsylvania when she was captured by Seneca Indians and subsequently adopted by them. She spent the rest of her life with Indians first marrying a Delaware Indian and after his death a Seneca. She had 7 children and lived to be 90 years old.

  3. Numerous immigrants came to the area to work on the 37 mile canal to Rochester, which operated from 1846 to 1878, and was abandoned when Mt. Morris became a hub of railroads. James DiSalvo, was a railroad worker and a great grandfather to Joseph DiSalvo, both of whom were lifelong Mt. Morris residents.

  4. William Mills was the first permanent settler in Mt. Morris. He lived amongst the Indians for 31 years and as called "big kettle" as a term of respect for his generosity. He and his wife, Susannah Harris, married in 1803 and raised 10 children in their log home before building Mills Mansion for themselves in 1838.

  5. John Wesley Powell, born in Mt. Morris in 1834, lost most of his arm in the Battle of Shiloh in 1862. He explored and mapped the Grand Canyon and Colorado River. He was the director of the US Geological Service from 1881-1894.

  6. William Pryor Letchworth was born in 1823 to a Quaker family in Brownville, NY. He became a wealthy businessman in the Iron industry of Buffalo. After a trail tour through the Genesee Valley he purchased a large plot of land and build the Glen Iris Estate as his private residence. Letchworth retired to his Estate at the age of 48, becoming very passionate about studying the treatment of epileptics and poor children. Letchworth offered his estate and land to New York State as a public park in 1906.

  7. Mary Seymore Howell, born in Mt. Morris in 1844, frequently traveled with Susan B. Anothony and wrote the full suffrage bill that was passed by the NYS Assembly in 1892.

  8. Ross Barnes, (1850-1915) born in Mt. Morris, hit the first home run in what was to become Major League Basevall playing 9 years as a Boston Red Stocking.

  9. Francis Bellamy, author of the Pledge of Allegiance, was born in Mt. Morris, NY in 1855. The pledge was written as a "salute to the flag" and meant to be a pledge of loyalty/allegiance.

  10. Charles Peritore was a lifelong resident of Mt. Morris serving in WWII until his discharge as a sergeant in 1946. He then served in the National Guard for 20 years as a drill instructor until his retirement.

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