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A Night at Silverlaken

Insider Tips & Inspiration

I recently had an opportunity to spend the night on Silver Lake at the beautiful glamping estate, Silverlaken. Explore Genesee Valley was sponsoring Hikyoga Day at Letchworth State Park, which turned into a two-day event to comply with the pandemic regulations, so I knew that I had to check out Silverlaken and Silver Lake for the evening in between the event days.

Quirky Appalachian Cabin at Silverlaken – Photo Credit: Nina Piccini

The event happened at the High Banks Recreation Area, so getting to Silverlaken from the park was a breeze, heading out of the Perry exit and heading south down to Silver Lake. Pulling onto the road the estate is on, you kind of think you might not be in the right place until you see all of the adorable cabins and tents. My cabin was the Quirky Appalachian tiny cabin in the back, with a little extra character and uneven, but perfect.

After arriving I took a few moments to take in the sights, the drive up to my tiny cabin overlooked the rest of the estate and Silver Lake. Stepping out of my car, breathing in the humid air, the crickets had begun to chirp, and there were the subtle signs of boats on the water.

Silverlaken. Photo credit: Nina Piccini
Silverlaken. Photo credit: Nina Piccini

After treating myself to a burger from the Hole in the Wall and glass of wine from Ration Wine Bar, I retreated back to the cabin to call it a night. I was happy to have my camp lantern with me, because the cabin’s bathroom is a small outhouse next door that is shared with the pop-up camper site adjacent, and the walk back and forth was really dark in the country night sky.
Inside the Quirky Appalachian.  Photo credit: Nina Piccini
Inside the Quirky Appalachian. Photo credit: Nina Piccini

The best part of glamping or renting a tiny cabin for your getaway is the bed. Not sleeping on a cot or the ground is ideal for pure relaxation and rest, ultimately the reason you’re getting away in the first place. This cabin sleeps 3, with a double bed on the bottom and a top single bunk, and although it’s not really suited for 3 people inside, it’s definitely suited for spending the day exploring and returning for a restful night’s sleep.
View of Silver Lake from Silverlaken.  Photo credit: Nina Piccini
View of Silver Lake from Silverlaken. Photo credit: Nina Piccini

Sunrise over Silver Lake. Photo credit: Nina Piccini
Sunrise over Silver Lake. Photo credit: Nina Piccini

The morning is the best part, and if you’re lucky enough to be an early riser such as I, you can walk the peaceful grounds of the estate and enjoy the sunrise over Silver Lake. This inbetween season where summer meets fall lends the most beautiful coloring in the sky. The cabin came equipped with a small kitchenette: mini fridge, camp stove, pots, and pans, so I was able to make a quick cup of coffee to take to the dock. Choose Happiness was the theme of this year’s NYS Yoga Festival and Hikyoga Day, and watching the sun come up like that really had me feeling all the feels of gratitude and happiness.

Insider Tips:

  • Although you’re renting a shelter, this is essentially still camping. You might consider bringing the following items to help your stay be more comfortable:
    • Blanket for sitting outside
    • Food + Beverages (I brought a breakfast and instant coffee)
    • Camp Lantern
    • Hammock for relaxing in the trees.
  • When you pull in the drive, it’s a fairly residential area, so if you think you’re in the wrong spot, you’re not!
  • Definitely hit up the Main Street district of Perry for a little shopping and eating to help you recoup from your day of adventuring!

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