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How to Safely Visit the Genesee Valley

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Slow travel is the current buzz phrase roaming the internet and when taking a look at post-pandemic adventuring, there’s no wonder why. Exploring rural destinations is becoming increasingly popular as individuals and families alike try to get out of the house and see what beautiful landscapes our state has to offer.

Al Lorenz Park - Beth Doty

How can you recreate responsibly, while also keeping your family safe and also consider the impacts of where you are visiting? We pulled together a few tips for visiting the Genesee Valley area and park systems within to help you prepare for your visit.

  1. PPE for the whole family: masks and hand sanitizer! If you are visiting a business, masks are required and you will be refused entrance or service without proper face coverings.
  2. Keep in mind that traveling by car for an hour or more can result in bathroom stops and increased exposure to others who may or may not be from your local area. Continue to wash your hands and utilize face coverings in these public areas. To take this a step further you could also ensure you have gloves, disinfectant wipes, and extra trash bags available.
  3. If you’re coming for an overnight stay, the more contactless exchanges the better! The Genesee Valley’s small bed and breakfasts, Airbnb rentals, or growing HipCamp listings are great options.Check out this list of unique accommodations!
  4. Have a backup plan! If you pull into your planned park visit and the parking lot is full, chances are you aren’t going to be able to safely distance yourself from others outside of your household. Luckily, there are several parks within a few minutes’ drive in the Genesee Valley making it easy to move on to the next. Check out this list of lesser known areas!
  5. Be respectful of the natural environment you are visiting by carrying in and out. Bring extra garbage bags to ensure you leave no trace on the trail or under a pavilion. Pets are welcome but practice pet etiquette while on the trail and in other public areas; dogs should remain on a leash and clean up after them as you would yourself.
  6. Call ahead for take-out, reservations, or be sure to have a few options ready to go in nearby communities for food and drink options! This is the best comprehensive list of what’s open in the area.

Insider Tip: these parks are great options for dining outdoors!

Follow CDC guidelines for distancing and visiting parks and recreation areas.

We hope that you love the Genesee Valley as much as we do!